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September 3, 2015
by Jon Frye
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Kitesurfing in Thailand – Pak Nam Pran Spot Guide

Kitesurfing Thailand can organize a visit to Pak Nam Pran. Here a Spot that is small overview.
Pak Nam Pran is village that is tiny south of Hua Hin. It takes about 5 hours to get there by bus. Most accommodation and restaurants are on the beach that is main about 5km out of city. Nightlife is cool as there are plenty of pubs and discos directly on the beach and the environment is laidback. The people in the tourist stretch of Pak Nam Pran are a mix of backpackers and kite surfers, although resorts with primarily Thai tourists can be found near the start of the coastline.
In Pak Nam Pran there are many spots that may be easily reached by taxi, motorbike or even kiting up and downwind. Listed here are our spots which can be favorite are a must see if you’re kiting in Thailand:

Pak Nam Pran Beach
The wind blows normally get across shore and is near that is fairly gusty the coastline because it passes first throughout the Pak Nam Pran Peninsula. This is one of the best spot for kiteboarding Thailand That’s why the conditions are well if the wind turns more onshore. There is additionally a shore that is big that makes entering and water begin quite difficult for for beginners. At high season it may also get crowded near to the launching that is main as for instance Wax coastline club, where compressors for pumping up the kite can be found. The main advantage of this spot is it really is in front side associated with the beach side accommodations and there is crowd that is definitely good hang out with.

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Pak Nam Pran Village
After a ride that is 5min just before engaging in the town you can access the beach from the trail. There are not people that are many right here. Water is flat and clean, nevertheless the beach is very small as well as the wind is affected from obstacles of Pak Nam Pran Village. You will find some points with very wind that is little in the beach itself. Only meters that are few the water the wind gets stronger. This is certainly an absolute water that is flat ideal for free style. I had one of my best sessions on that spot but watch out for glass as well as other stuff that is harmful the beach and your belongings since it is almost into the town.

Hua Hin Beach
Hua Hin beach at Hua Hin coastline resort is regarding the other side of the Pak Nam Pran. By taxi it is about 15min and $6 to get there. The wind here is not so gusty, as it comes directly from the sea and is usually also much more powerful than those in the coastline that is main. There are good waves and i must say i enjoyed the onshore wind because you can just park the overhead that is kite ride the wave both in instructions as there is no pull to one direction or the other. It was the most like surfing where most of the force is within the direction that is exact same the revolution. Only if the wind gets really strong (above 30kn) the revolution begin to break to early what makes the wave riding on that spot almost impossible.

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Dolphin Bay
It is the most spot that is remote Pak Nam Pran. A motorbike that is relaxed will simply take you about only 40 min for you to get there. After passing the red dunes you just have to follow the primary road and soon you see the island that is small. Oahu is the bay that is 2nd the Pak Nam Pran peninsula and the ride is worth it. There are white dunes that have to be crossed while walking in order to access the spot. The launching area is good as well as the beach is surprisingly clean. It’s a place that is beautiful. Behind the island there is water that is flat also very nearly no wind. Unfortunately, water that is flat is reduced to about 30 meters. There is a very strong present which makes it quite hard to stay upwind. This spot would be terrible for newbies, but usually you can find only very few kites there anyway with a crowd.
Watch out for the fishing nets more downstream and downwind because one man got tangled when we had been kiting there. He was lucky himself free of the web together with line-cutter as he could cut.


April 29, 2015
by Jon Frye
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Everything You Need To Know About Koh Phangan!

When it comes to discussing Koh Phangan as a tourist destination, there are plenty of vital aspects that must be taken into consideration. It is located about three hour boat ride from mainland, and can be regarded as the last unspoiled Island left in Thailand. It differs from Koh Samui in a number of different ways. While Koh Samui is loud and built up, Koh Phangan features eye-catching natural landscape. Major property developers have yet to initiate exploiting this Island, and most development is confined to certain bungalow resorts. This article will entail some vital details concerning this untouched, tropical paradise.

Koh Phangan is still considered to be a popular destination for budget travelers and backpackers on their Thailand reise. Infamous for its Full Moon Party, this Island is one of the highlights of the most young travellers’ trip to Thailand. The southern town of the Island, Haad Rin hosts the Full Moon party. Known for hosting hedonistic parties, Haad Rin is made up of meandering streets enumerated by bars, restaurants, and gift shops. Not to mention the fact that Haad Rin Nok beach attracts a fair share of tourists to this town. During Full Moon, Haad Rin is fully packed with tourists. And if you want to stay in this town at this time of the month, then you are recommended to go for advanced booking.

North of Haad Rin exists Ban Tai, which is famous for the Half Moon Party and the Shiva Moon Party. Both of them are large events themselves. You will find the horny mile’ at Ban Tai, a mile long road that contains lady bars on each side of the road. Considering the fact that these bars are laid back than their counterparts in Bangkok, they are a favorite with the middle aged individuals who arrive in Koh Phangan.

reise til thailand

reise til thailand

As you move north, you will reach Thongsala. Thongsala can be referred to as the only true town on the Island; it is a vibrant blend of restaurants, Thai shops, and western bars. In addition to that, it has conventional food markets at every turn. If you are looking for some of the most delicious food in Koh Phangan, this is where you ought to be after the sun set. Moreover, Thongsala forms a natural gateway to the mainland.

When you head further north, you will encounter significant difference in the pace of life. It gets quieter with only occasional houses built and small village settlements with local shops. If you are someone who is looking for a long-term stay on the Island, then you must consider the villages of Hing Kong and Wok Tum.

On the western side of the Island, you will find Tong Nai Pan. It houses the largest developments upon Koh Phangan. Luxury resorts cater to the sun worshipers who testify to the fact that the western beach is the most attractive beach of the Island. With that being said, if you are planning to visit Koh Phangan, make sure to visit all of the above-mentioned places and keep in mind the guidelines. If u have more question ask our expert on Thailand reiser.

April 3, 2015
by Jon Frye
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Safety Guides in Traveling to Thailand

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Many people travel to Thailand to experience fun, adventure and relaxation. But always remember that there are sudden circumstances that you are not going to expect in your travel, but you can do something to prevent it from happening. These are the safety guides that will help you in exploring Thailand safely.

Accommodation – there are different accommodations that you can use in Thailand and the price varies on the services or the kind of room you want to have. There are 5-stars to 2-stars hotel for expensive yet most convenient accommodation in Thailand. They also offer budget accommodation where you pay lesser price for accommodation, hotels that may cost you $10/night, guest house for $35/night and even apartments that would cost you $100 up per night. Of course, the higher you pay the safer the place you are going to stay. But just make sure that you keep your important or expensive things in a safe, if it is available in your room and if not then maybe you need to bring it all the time or place it somewhere safe. You will never know who comes and goes in any accommodation that you are going to stay but it would be best if you don’t bring too much gadgets, so you don’t have to worry while traveling or enjoying your stay in Thailand.

Transportation – there are expensive and cheap transportation that you can ride in Thailand. The more expensive you pay, the more you get to that certain place fast and with convenience. But if you choose to pay cheap for transportation, then you should go for public transits and make sure that you keep your cash or valuable things on safe place. There are many people in transits, so it would be easier for strangers to take your things. You should be cautious in where you go and the things that you bring. Keep in mind that you are foreign to the country and strangers keep their eyes on you, the key is just don’t let them get a chance.

thailand-vacationFood – yes, there are safety guide in food too. Simply because food in Thailand are spicy and there weather is hot. If you want to have a happy experience in Thailand, you should be prepared with their weather and the spicy food that they offer. If you have sensitive body and don’t like to feel tummy problem, then you should eat food that satisfies your taste but there is no harm in trying too.

Activities – you can choose to experience different activities in Thailand, they have elephant rides, sight-seeing sites, rock climbing, trekking and more. If you prioritize your safety, then you should go for safe activities and if you want some adventure, then make sure that you go with a professional or licensed guide. One of the sights you have to see when you are visiting Thailand is Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Cash – the safest thing that you can do with cash is to keep bringing cash that is enough for you to spend, if you can use your credit card for a meal or shopping then it would be best to use it. But if you are outside then you should bring just enough cash to spend from eating or doing certain activities. Never bring too much because you are not going to spend everything anyway.

These safety guides will help you enjoy Thailand without worries, keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure, so if you want to be happy with your travel then you should start following the safety guides and freely explore Thailand without worries. You are not there to experience unhappy travel or get disappoint, so don’t let that happen by being prepared and be knowledgeable with the safety guide.